5 Easy Steps

  1. Get a FREE copy of the book – God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your  Life. This is how it all started and a copy can be sent to yourhome: www.freewonderfulbook.com
  2. Request your FREE tracts here
  3. Watch a movie: www.180movie.com
  4. Go do some errands: (where to leave tracts)
    1. In magazines at the Doctor’s office
    2. In the parking lot as you walk to your destination
    3. Accidentally drop some in the store while you shop
    4. On a park bench
    5. On a bulletin boards
    6. Hand one out. “Did you get one of these yet?”
  5. Tell your friends and church how much fun you are having sharing your faith! (Share these steps with them)

**Please also take a few minutes to let us know how things are going and share any testimonies you have. Contact Us