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Thes are some of our favorite tracts.  We have partnered with TractPlanet and can offer you a 5% discount when you order from our site using the coupon code: youfoundgod5. Just click on the image below.

Price $5.00
Franklin Million Dollar Bill (Pack of 100)
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Ministries that offer FREE tracts!



World Missionary Press is an interdenominational literature ministry producing topical Scripture booklets in more than 340 languages, plus Bible study booklets, New Testaments, and salvation coloring books in a variety of languages.  During our 54 years of ministry, God has enabled us to produce more than 1,900,000,000 Scripture booklets. Available to other countries around the world. Click Here



Bible Tracts Inc. was founded in 1938 through the preaching of our founder, Evangelist Paul Levin. As people came to Christ, they wanted to be able to tell others how to be born again. As they saw the transforming power of the Gospel, they wanted clear, simple gospel tools so they too could see folks come to Christ. Click Here



The Fellowship Tract League. The Bible gives every Christian the responsibility to take the Gospel to the whole world. God has ordained the local church to carry out His Great Commission. The Fellowship Tract League is a local church ministry of the Fellowship Baptist Church in Lebanon, Ohio. We believe the world can be reached for Christ through the printed page. Our purpose is to provide the material that is needed for God’s people all around the world to fulfill His command. Available in many languages. Click Here



The Pocket Testament League provides resources to help believers develop a lifestyle of biblical discipline and personal evangelism. The ministry also encourages people to support others who are sharing their faith, through a unique sponsorship program in which sponsors actually receive feedback from those they sponsor showing how lives are being changed. Click Here



logo  Evangelical Tract Distributors  We appreciate the opportunity of sharing the ministry of ETD with you today. Gospel literature continues to have a huge impact in drawing men and women, boys and girls to faith in Jesus Christ. Evangelical Tract Distributors has been supplying gospel tracts free of charge to people around the world since 1935. However, due to the heavy expenses involved in getting the tracts to their destination, we are asking that you help us by paying for the shipping and handling costs incurred when placing your order. Your assistance in this way will be much appreciated.  Click Here

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