The Story

The Story Behind The Tracts


First let me acknowledge that the following is not the only way to share your faith!

Of course not.

But since we didn’t like or feel we were particularly good at talking, and couldn’t find people who would stand still long enough to listen anyway, and only had so many friends and relatives in the first place, this is the method that’s got us excited.

And we think you’ll know why, within just a few minutes.

I’m not talking about getting people converted or making sure they stay that way (as if we could do that).

What I am talking about is planting seeds with gospel tracts.

This is not a theory, it actually works.

And works every single time!

What does?

Every single time we attend a public event with large crowds present, hundreds (if not thousands!) of gospel tracts end up in people’s hands without fail. (It’s when crowds are spread out and thin, that it becomes more difficult, and the numbers of tracts drops off rapidly.)

Our goal is not to convince any person in particular to love God, but to give out subtle hints to lots of people. And since that’s exactly what lowly little tracts are – the subtlest of hints that God is interested in us and has provided a way for our sins to be erased – that means every time you give them out you have gloriously succeeded, whether they accept the message or not.

What is a natural seed, other than a very tiny package of genetic “information” designed to grow? And what are God’s spiritual seeds, other than the smallest package of spiritual information, that, if we cast them in every direction like grass seeds, will take root and grow in some people’s hearts, and not in others? (Which is why Jesus compared the “hearts” of men to the “ground” into which the seed of the gospel is sown.)

This is God’s way of letting us all choose what we will, but still “getting His way”

anyway! And like Jesus asked his disciples, “If you don’t understand this parable, how will you understand any of them (Mk. 4:13)?” What God wants, put as simply as possible, is for some of us, as many as will, to choose Him for ourselves. In spite of so many stubborn people who resist their Creator, PLENTY of us will still be receptive, and why? Because God has ensured the world is filled with billions of people so that out of the numbers some of the seeds will fall on good ground! It can’t fail to happen! Thus, through this intricate plan which He drafted up before the world was ever created, God finds those who will love Him on their own, yet without forcing Himself upon any of us! Oh, the brilliance of God! And do YOU understand His parable of parables?

God could have done things very differently, of course. He could have chosen to simply “appear” to us all and shock us into immediate submission. (The exact opposite of a subtle hint. Right?) Then there would have been no need for an earth filled with billions of people, since we would ALL comply! (At least for a while.) But God didn’t just want compliance, He wanted love. The thing is, “love,” by definition, is something we have to choose for ourselves. And since not everybody will choose it, that’s why God wants those tiny gospel seeds to be planted in the hearts of multitudes.

By giving less information to more people, He is essentially giving them everything they need, but then like a gentleman, backing off to give them all the space they need (to decide what to do with that speck of information). He needs be pushy and aggressive with none of them, precisely because there are so many of them! Which in effect guarantees some of them will respond on their own.

And how liberating for those of us who are co-laborers together with Him, because we don’t need be pushy and aggressive either! We don’t need to keep giving more and more information to a few poor souls who just want us to leave them alone. It’s so much easier for everybody involved, if we just give less information to more people, which has been the plan of God from the beginning.

Besides, the more subtle the hint, the more meaningful the response.

For example, it means more to you when your children, spouse or friends want to spend time with you, if you didn’t try to badger them into it. For if you had, their response is hardly meaningful at all. The less you beg for their attention, the more it means when they give it to you.

And I believe God feels the same way about us.

Which is why I think He’d rather have us share less information with more people, than to try to work harder on a few!

What fits the bill better than getting tiny gospel tracts into thousands of people’s hands? Why should you be pushy and keep bothering one or two people, when God never wanted that anyway? I am convinced God uses what I call “the numbers game” (rather than forcing any one person to love Him, for that would have been no love at all). And since God is thinking in terms of numbers, I think so should we. Basically we’re being the hands and feet God is using to scatter tiny gospel seeds into LOTS of hearts. As Jesus explains in the Bible’s parable of the sower (Mt. 13:1-23; Mk. 4:1-25; Lk. 8:4-15), some of those seeds will land on hard ground, stony ground, or get choked by weeds (the cares and pleasures of life). But out of the numbers, He says some of those seeds will land on good ground (or receptive hearts that endure with patience), and that over time those hearts will yield for Him much fruit (cp. Psa. 1:3; Lk. 8:15). He said it because it’s true. Meaning some WILL respond, and you couldn’t change that fact if you tried! But also notice it will usually take more time to see the final, tangible results, than you had hoped. Still, in the meantime you can feel satisfied just knowing you’re giving out smaller hints to bigger numbers of people, which is exactly what God wants to do through you. As a wise businessman once said, “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.” Seeds don’t grow up overnight! But in time, some of them will most certainly grow up. So get those seeds in the ground! And do it sooner than later, because after all, you still need to add time to the equation.

So HOW have we been successfully planting large numbers of gospel seeds without being pushy or needlessly offending people? All it takes is finding thick crowds, which makes all the difference in the world. (The thicker the crowd, the less awkward you feel.) For example, do an internet search on local parades, fairs, festivals or fireworks displays, all of which have a way of drawing some seriously thick crowds. You can either go out into the crowd and walk amongst the people, or easier still, let them come to you, by standing in one place along a particularly busy sidewalk. In thick crowds, nobody pays attention to you! And there are so many people to extend a tract out to, that some of them will take them. But the big secret is this. Once one person takes a tract, those surrounding them go into “herd mentality!” Like a flock of birds or school of fish, they all follow the person’s lead in front of them. It’s just amazing. Once you get the first person to take one, the challenge is getting tracts off the stack fast enough before those around them pass by. They’ll take them as fast as you can deal cards! (Most of them without you saying a word.) And to get that first person to take one, all you have to do is to force them to give you their attention by simply saying, “Excuse me.” Once they look up and make eye contact, they will usually take your tract if you just hand it toward them, saying, “This is for you.” Try saying it once: “Excuse me, this is for you.” If you can just remember that speech of six words (and practice getting tracts off the stack fast), then I promise, you can do this too.

Mike Stockwell in the streets of Glascow, Scotland.

Chad Owens at a local festival. (And by the way, thanks Chad, because your videos over there at Linwood Evangelism encouraged me more than you will ever know. So whatever comes out of our own website, I owe in part to you.)

That 56 seconds of footage from Metro Cruise, Grand Rapids, MI, on August 23, 2014, when I personally handed out 2,100 tracts in exactly four hours.

As you watch these clips, pay special attention to what we do, how little we talk, how fast the tracts are flying off the stack, and let your fears melt away!

Next, let me tell you my own story. Put yourself in my shoes and share my train of thought, as this whole thing unfolded over a years’ time:

  • First I was a paralyzed Christian for many years. I wanted to share my faith – look at all the Bible verses that tell us to broadcast the news of Jesus Christ far and wide ( – I just didn’t know how. Or at least, how to share it in a way that seemed pertinent, and without needlessly offending people or pushing them away. I think I was so cautious because I only wanted to do more good than harm. I mean, this was a critical mission, and I didn’t want to say the wrong thing, or say it in the wrong way! (Some offense is necessary. But much of it can be avoided.) Not only that, but most tracts I’d seen, so I thought, were so “churchy,” using cheesy religious-sounding jargon, that I figured the people I knew would be more turned off by them than anything. Maybe I was right, maybe I was wrong. But I continued to do nothing except talk to a few seemingly disinterested people, and dream about sharing my faith . . . someday, somehow.
  • 4/12/13 . . . My friend Steve Winter sent me a PDF version of Ray Comfort’s book, God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life, and turned me onto the attractive and tasteful tracts at Comfort’s website. (You can read the book in a PDF version or get a FREE hard copy here.) I realized the draw (or attraction) for coming to Christ should not be desire for life enhancement or earthly happiness (as if Jesus were just one of many ways to become happy), but rather to receive forgiveness for very real sins. Another turning point for me, was when I was blown away by the180 movie, when I saw an outspoken and obstinate young man (that self-proclaimed Neo-Nazi with the crazy blue Mohawk) changing his tune before my very eyes, as Comfort bypassed the youth’s intellect and went straight for his conscience, using the Ten Commandments to stop his mouth and prove his guilt. And Comfort’s tracts were not only witty, catchy and cheap, but had the right message succinctly spelled out. These tracts did not seem religious and cheesy, but fun and hard- hitting. For the first time, I wished I could get some tracts into a whole bunch of people’s hands, and by faith ordered a huge box of them – not yet knowing what I was going to do with them.
  • One of the first things I realized was that the “Million Dollar Bill” tract could be left around anywhere, even folded up like real money and dropped on the sidewalk – yet without being an act of littering, since they are picked up by surprised people as fast as you can drop them! I liked this approach, since I didn’t have to do any talking, have any sort of contact with people, or risk any rejection.
  • One particular day, my twelve year old son had the idea of swinging through a local casino’s parking lot, and putting those million dollar bills under car’s windshield wiper blades. After all, they’re looking for money, right? So I agreed, and within less than 10 minutes we placed them on 81 cars. We were so excited! Here I wanted to share my faith all these years, and did it 81 times in 10 minutes!
  • We stopped at that casino several more times, and have continued to this day to
    drop the folded bills on sidewalks and leave them in public places everywhere. One preacher, after explaining that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation, added, “Open the bay doors of your mouth . . . and drop the gospel bomb.” Thinking about the power of that statement, I read the back of the million dollar bill, and realized that’s exactly what the message on there is. So if you’re shy, start out just dropping gospel bombs everywhere!
  • In fact, Steve and I, along with our kids, did just that. Not only a couple tracts a day here and there, but on a couple occasions we went through some really large parking lots and mega-stores, putting the million dollar bills (and other tracts) under cars’ wiper blades. (Since that time I’ve learned that tracts [made of a stiff enough card stock] also fit nicely on the driver’s door, with just the corner slipped in between the glass and the rubber seal.) Of course, once inside those stores we dropped only the folded million dollar bills, since they alone are guaranteed to get picked up (fast!) . . . meaning this can’t really be called littering.
  • But I had hardly dented my box of tracts yet, and had ordered a dozen different tracts, not just my favorite (to this day) million dollar bill tract. So I decided to try handing them out to the crowd at an upcoming parade. You heard that right. This time I wasn’t going to just leave them around anonymously. For the first time, I would actually be walking up to people, speaking to them and looking them in the eye.
  • 5/27/13. Memorial Day parade, Allegan, MI. With fear, trembling and a package of 100 of Comfort’s “Giant Money” tract (an 18-inch long “$100 bill”), I walked down to the nearby parade. With my heart in my throat I started giving them to people waiting for it to start. But when my fingers couldn’t get them off the stack as fast as people were wanting to take them, I realized people at parades are already conditioned to accept flyers and gifts and candy! (And therefore tracts!! They line up for it, just to get them from you!) I walked home almost in shock that what I’d procrastinated doing for years was so much easier than I ever thought. (Not that it wasn’t still challenging in ways, but it was doable. And that’s all that mattered to me.)
  • 7/3/13. Allegan’s Fourth of July fireworks, which is always a day early. I went down there with tracts, just in case I chickened out. But what I wasreally wanting to do this time, was to find someone to talk to about the Lord, like I saw Comfort doing on his videos (for example, in the 180 movie). That is what now seemed the most scary, but the tracts thing, not so much. Of course, I bowed out on finding someone to talk to; and did the easier thing: Tracts. Three hundred and ninety-eight (398) of them! But then I got to thinking. Would it really have been better to tell one person more? Than to tell three hundred and ninety-eight people less? Again, I walked the five minutes to my house almost in shock at why I’d waited so long.
  • 7/4/13. I was on a roll and couldn’t pass up Grand Rapids’ much larger fireworks crowd the next day, right? Once again, blown away by the results. Not only did I give away nine- hundred and sixty tracts (yes,960!), but looking around, I saw people everywhere actually readingthem! What price can you put on that?

Somewhere along the line, I came to understand that lowly tracts are not an inferior method of delivering the gospel – but rather have many unique advantages other methods do not. For example, you don’t have to talk; the message is exactly how you want it; not to mention especially brief (so it gets read); people can’t argue with a tract (since it won’t argue back); they can take it with them; they can read it over and over again; they can find it again years later, perhaps when they’re finally ready; and on and on. Not only that, but they’re so cheap you can order them by the tens of thousands. And most importantly, since no talking is required, you save time and go faster! (Getting the message out to a hundred times the people.) So, though the ability to talk to people might seem more impressive, it’s really not.

  • 8/3/13. Coast Guard Festival, Grand Haven, MI. Almost a month had passed by now, and I felt so terribly rusty and incapable. I remember driving to the event feeling so weak, and praying for God’s strength. And came home 1,062 tracts lighter!
  • 8/23/13. Metro Cruise, Grand Rapids, MI. Essentially a car show that claims to attract 200,000 visitors over the course of about 3 days. I remember getting out of my car feeling that very real fear once again; but had heard Mark Cahill say “if you’ll just get the first one out of the way,” it will be so much easier to continue. So I did. Parking on a lonely side street, I didn’t want to hold onto that fear until I finally made my way to where the crowds were. So within 60 seconds of getting out of my car, I gave tracts to a couple people on the otherwise empty sidewalk, and my whole demeanor changed instantly. I felt personal momentum, and was ready to go tear it up. The total count was 417 tracts.
  • 8/25/13. Metro Cruise, day #2. I took Steve with me this time so I could show him the ropes, but he showed me! I had been talking too much, and it slowed me down. All he said was, “Here you go,” “here you go.” (If he said anything at all!) I planted that in my heart, and purposed to become more efficient at each event. My twelve year old came, and between the three of us we successfully placed 1,098 tracts in random people’s hands.

At some point I saw a video of Francis Chan preaching, which blew me away and really cemented my philosophy of “not trying to talk people into it.”The only alternative thus seemed obvious: Cooperate with God’s numbers game, giving out less information to more people. Don’t be pushy and aggressive, or even care about immediate results. In fact, the sort of “results” God is looking for might surprise you, being the exact opposite of what you probably want. As I explain in Chapter Seven of a book I’m currently writing, if God merely wanted as many people as possible in Heaven, He could have

bypassed the earth altogether, and simply created all of humanity in Heaven. Right? But He didn’t do it that way, why? Because what He actually wants are those people who truly want Him, who have their faith tested by both time and adversity, which proves in advance they’ll never stop loving and believing in God’s infinite and incomprehensible greatness, once it becomes easier to keep believing in such things, in Heaven. In other words, God is using this earth todrive everyone else away from Him! In that light, why would we be worried about some people “only” getting a subtle hint in the form of a tract, or about being able to “follow up” with them sufficiently? The parable of the sower didn’t say anything about following up! It talked about planting tiny little information-bearing seeds and adding time, making clear that while plenty of those seeds eventually sprout to new life, most of those new lives later fade away and die out – all by design – so only the most interested will remain! So let the earth do its job, and you do yours. Focus on giving ‘subtle’ hints (or ‘tiny’ seeds) in the form of tracts, to just as many people as you possibly can; and then, as they say, let the chips lie where they may. Those who are hungry and thirsty ALWAYS find whatever spiritual food and water they need! (Whether you are there “following up” or not!) They alone will survive spiritually, and that will reveal who they are, in the process (cp. Deut. 8:2,3; 13:3; 32:20; Isa. 45:15; 54:7,8; Mt. 10:38,39; 13:9-23; 24:12,13). (For only the hungry and thirsty belong in Heaven.) At least that’s what I’d been learning as my book continued coming together over the years, and what I got out Chan’s speech, which you can watch here.

(Not that we can’t do some lengthy and truly in-depth teaching [like I myself do in that book I’m writing], as long as it’s done to inform a hungry person rather than to badger a disinterested one.)

And please don’t miss another video which rocked my world, again with Francis Chan speaking, this time along with David Platt, which you can watch here.

  • 9/7/13. Allegan county Fair, day #1. 942 tracts.
  • 9/8/13. Allegan County Fair, day #2. Steve was coming with me this time; but I felt I had totally saturated the place the night before, and wasn’t sure how well it would go. Well, there was an entirely different crowd there, and together we got rid of 933 tracts.
  • 9/13/13. Allegan County Fair, day #3. Almost a week had passed, and I thought if it wasn’t saturated last time, maybe it won’t be this time either. Came back 1,184 tracts lighter.
  • 9/14/13. Allegan County Fair, day #4. This time I almost didn’t go, because last night I got a lot of people saying “I already got one.” All I did when they said that, was say, “If I bother anybody twice, they get a million dollar bill”. . . then produce one out of my pocket, which makes them laugh, and any tension was gone. But still, by now it had to be saturated, right? No! Again, an entirely different crowd, and the biggest night yet: 1,265 tracts!

I want you to know that I’m telling you these numbers not to boast, but so you can live my experience with me, and therefore understand my subsequent train of thought, which I’m getting ready to reveal. And just so you know, I did keep records of the numbers of what tracts I gave out where, not only because it encouraged me, but so that if I returned to the same event next year, I’d know what I gave out at each location, so I could consider giving something else next time. Also, it wasn’t like each event got one particular tract, but a variety of them.

(I always have 3 varieties in my hand, and constantly alternate between them, because I don’t know which people came to the event as a group. This way I can give everybody something, rather than doling them out more sparingly. And they all get something different, which makes it a little less awkward somehow.)

  • 10/5/13. Art Prize, Grand Rapids, MI. My boys handed out around 170 tracts, and I gave away the rest of a 1,030 total. This was the first time I realized I could stand stationary along a busy sidewalk and let the people come to me, which was easier still!
  • 12/27/13. Wal-Mart and Best Buy, Holland, MI. I don’t even know if I should tell you this in public . . . but my son and I couldn’t help ourselves. These stores were so packed with people because of the holidays, that we just went through the stores dropping folded million dollar bills discreetly on the floor, basically blanketing the entire store! Arrest me now! Wewould have stopped if any of them remained on the floor for long; but people picked them up within seconds after we dropped them. So how could you call that littering? Or doing anything disruptive or out of place? Not only that, but I never had so much fun in my life, wondering what people thought and watching their reactions! It was the hardest thing to keep a game face on! And because Wal-Mart was holding us up due to a swamped Auto Department changing my battery, we went through the whole place a second time! Then we went and blanketed Best Buy, waited a while, and blanketed it again. LOL! It felt good to drop 250 tracts total, since I’d done very little since the weather cooled. Still, I just couldn’t believe we’d done that! Oh well.
  • 7/3/14. Allegan Fourth of July fireworks show, six months later. (Of course, I’d dropped$1M bills here and there from time to time, but had hit no actual crowds for nine months straight by now.) Delighted to see it still working, to the tune of 657 tracts.
  • 7/5/14. Grand Rapids fireworks. Some time back in 2013 I had bought about 25 of Ray Comfort’s book, “What Hollywood Believes,” and a case of 44 of Mark Cahill’s book, “One Heartbeat Away,” both geared toward reaching the lost, so I could give them away to people here and there. But I had more left over than I wanted, and got tired of seeing them just wasting away around the house. So I had this idea, and it worked. While successfully passing out 890 tracts, I laid 23 books on a blanket near the busy sidewalk with a sign on them that said, “Free Books. Please Take One.” (I had also made a new friend of a bystander, who sort of watched the display for me.) Walking past that blanket several times, I watched the pile of books slowly dwindle away until all were gone. So let’s just say I unloaded 913 total pieces of literature that evening. I want you to know something else about this day. I went having reservations about the whole thing, because by now I’d run out of the tracts I felt most comfortable with. So I was going to have to try to get rid of the remaining tracts from the bottom of my initial huge box, the “left over” ones I wished I never ordered, because I didn’t know what to say about them (to introduce them, in case crowds were sparse). So I said almost nothing as I extended them toward people, and successfully unloaded like 6 different varieties with no problem at all. In fact, I’ve reordered a bunch of those same tracts now, because I loved the message inside all along! . . . and realized I didn’t need to tell people why I was handing them a piece of paper or what it was about. I finally had this epiphany, that you can give away ANYTHING without saying a word! It doesn’t matter what it is! (Assuming the crowd is thick enough.)
  • 7/19/14. Bike Time, Muskegon, MI. I was starting to think this is too good to keep to myself. Why limit this to one person, when I could take otherswith me, to show them how ridiculously easy it is? And what if their lives were changed like mine? And WHAT IF THEY STARTED TAKING OTHERS TOO? This thing could absolutely explode, until it saturates the nation! . . . (and perhaps beyond!). So I took a whole carload – my two boys, their shy friend who was just recently expressing interest in God, and a friend of mine from work, named Mike. The boys were so into taking pictures of the motorcycles, that they “only” passed out a couple hundred tracts. (LOL. “Only.” That’s more than I’d done in the prior three decades of being a Christian!) Even their shy friend, after a period of discouragement, got the hang of it and walked away feeling good. As for Mike, he was also having problems at first, but I could tell he didn’t come to fail. Before I knew it, he was unloading tracts somewhere in the range of that sweet spot of 7 tracts per minute! He handed out maybe six hundred (600)! His first day! The total between all of us combined, for less than four hours, was a new daily record of 1,875 tracts!
  • 7/25/14. Venetian Night, Saugatuck, MI. I should have gone the next night instead, since there was going to be a parade of boats and fireworks display. But today the crowds were too spread out for my liking. There were tons of parked cars all over town, but I think a lot of the people must have been inside the dozens of shops and restaurants, making the crowd thinner than I prefer. So I broke out a particular tract about which Icould say something, and introduced it to people as I walked up to them by saying, “Free movie about the Beatles.” (Click here to watch it yourself.) It just seemed less awkward that way, since nobody else was around them, and they already saw me coming from 20 or 30 feet away. It’s just common sense that you should probably give them some kind of explanation under such circumstances, as to why you are approaching and what you are handing to them. (None of which applies in thicker crowds!) So this day, I had to actually work at it a little bit. And stillreturned home 413 tracts lighter! But again, it proved and drove home how the secret is finding the thickest crowds, in which you have to say nothing at all, and people are close enough that no walk time is involved. And guess what? The biggest crowd of all was coming up next weekend! So I purposed in my heart to see what would happen in such a crowd, if I actually made an effort to go as fast as I could, deliberately saying as little as possible.
  • 8/2/14. Coast Guard Festival, Grand Haven, MI. Steve and his ten year old daughter came for the parade portion, stayed maybe 2 ½ hours in the hot sun, walked miles and passed out 600 tracts. But the parade was earlier in the day, and they were going to have fireworks at night. So for the first time, I stayed at an event for more than a few hours. The first stint, I passed out 1,842 tracts in 4 ½ hours. Feeling a headache coming on from the hot sun (I had sun block on), I sat in Taco Bell for over an hour cooling off. Then went back out for another 4 ½ hours, and another1,800 tracts, finally leaving when my bag was empty. (This time I found shade under a tree on a busy sidewalk, and stayed there for hours, enjoying the breeze, letting the people come to me!) I was flabbergasted. I will never be the same. I personally gave away 3,642 tracts in one day! This is too easy! Why isn’t everybody doing this?! When we add the 600 tracts to the 3,642, the total comes to 4,242 for the day.

Well, that brings us up to date; and that’s the last event we have attended as of this

writing.  It was at this point in the story that Steve came up with the idea for (and immediately launched) and I recorded our results up until now.

BUT THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING OF THE STORY, and now things got reallyinteresting. The thoughts kept getting stronger, that no matter how many tracts I give out, there is always a limit to what one person can do. And that if it’s this easy for me, who was paralyzed with fear for so many years, I know for a fact I can take others with along me, and show them how to do it too. And once they feel a measure of success, it might just change their life like it changed mine. Most important of all, after they practice for a while and become comfortable and efficient passing out tracts by themselves at several events,they might take someone else along with them, whose life will also be changed, and so on. Instead of one person handing out thousands of tracts, we might end up with thousands of people handing out thousands of tracts each.

So I thought to call churches to ask if they knew of anyone who had a strong desire to reach the lost, and might be encouraged to see what I do, that I could take with me.

Then I thought that if their people did get encouraged, that church might want me to speak to the congregation about it. (Not that I wanted do any public speaking!) So I pictured myself trying to verbally describe what it is that I do with my tracts and why.

Then I thought, why try to verbally describe it in this day and age of video of technology, when I could just SHOW the entire church a video of me in action? I could take them ALL with me! The whole church! Without ever leaving their building.

Then I thought this is still limited by the locale of this or that church. If I’m going to use video anyway, why not post that video on a website so an UNLIMITED number of individuals or churches around the nation and world could come along with me?! (Perhaps while I’m asleep in my bed.)

And not just have such a website, but promote it to the hilt by stamping it on the tracts I give away, and having others’ stamp it on their tracts too? (Or just print some tracts with it on there, and make them available?)

That way, those who do become new Christians through all those tracts we are giving away, will have an immediate place to go both for personal help and for help in sharing their faith. Plus they can help this thing multiply all the more, if they want to stamp this website on their own tracts (or simply use our tracts, once we print some).

But it doesn’t stop there, because all those people, wherever in the world they live, once they learn to pass out tracts, could each take some LOCAL people out with them – hopefully changing their lives too, so they could take people out with them as well – and keep the thing multiplying, not just “adding.”

So the ultimate goal here, after you come along with me via video, and then try it for yourself (and find yourself encouraged), is to pass your newfound passion along to others who will hopefully pass it along to still more.

The bottom line is people’s sins are real, God is holy and infinite, we’re all in that much (infinite) trouble outside of Christ, and that we can absolutely make a difference in some

people’s eternity by getting involved, opening the bay doors of our hands, and dropping the gospel bomb far and wide.