Why It Even Matters

What Would Your Life Look Like, If  You Actually Believed the Gospel  is The Power of God Unto Salvation?

After a thousand Christians yawned at the idea of getting “gospel tracts” into the hands of an unlimited number of lost people, we finally put our finger on the problem, and by the end of this page I trust you will find yourself thinking tracts are worthwhile. What we believe happened is that the gospel has become twisted in modern times. To put it as simply as possible, there is a disconnect between what we all KNOW the gospel is (that Jesus died for our sins), and what we actually TELL people in an effort to draw them to Christ – that if they become a Christian they’ll be happier and more fulfilled, and have a wonderful life.

Not only is untrue that Christians are granted a better earthly life than unbelievers (to the contrary, we’re promised a lifetime of fiery trials, persecution and trouble [I Pet. 4:12; II Tim. 3:12; Acts 14:22]), but that wasn’t “the gospel” in the first place! – and thus, it does NOT have the power to “save” a person who hears it, or to get them off spiritual death row for having sinned against an infinite God who is too good to pervert justice.

(Which, incidentally, makes sense of both an “infinite” Hell, and of why it required the sacrificial death of the “Infinite One” Himself to fulfill the demands of perfect justice.)

How can “trying Jesus” to see if He makes us happier, in itself bring the sort of “repentance” without which Jesus said every sinner will perish (Lk. 13:3,5)? It can’t! But the true gospel CAN. See, to understand Jesus died “for our sins,” we must have at least some comprehension of those sins. Meaning the true gospel must include DEFINING for sinners what it is Jesus died for. (Their sins.) The way we do that, is the same way Jesus and Paul did – by using God’s posted laws, the Ten Commandments, to shut mouths and leave the whole world guilty before God (Rom. 3:19), destroying their misplaced faith that they’re “good enough” to go to Heaven. (WHICH ALMOST EVERYBODY THINKS!) And there’s an urgency to this thing, because we want them to know it NOW, while there’s still time, rather than finding out on Judgment day when it will be too late. Only by knowing there’s an actual problem, can they possibly have faith in the solution. Only by knowing they are in infinite trouble for sinning against an infinite God, do they become interested in believing the Infinite One was able to pay their debt FOR them. We don’t use the 10 Commandments as a means of justification, but like 10 mighty cannons aimed at people’s guilty souls, which prove beyond a shadow of a doubt they AREN’T good enough to go to Heaven. God ordained those Commandments for this purpose, and they are SO EFFECTIVE that not one person can walk away still feeling like a good person who needs not worry about Hell. NOW, all of a sudden, just that quick, they are ripe and capable of appreciating the fact that Jesus died for their sins, or having “faith” in the gospel. (Not to mention, have a different attitude about those sins, called “repentance.”)

Furthermore, this true gospel applies to everybody, since literally ALL human beings have sinned against their infinite God. But since the false “wonderful plan” gospel seems to apply only to the losers who don’t think they have a wonderful life, we would-be Christian witnesses procrastinate our entire lives, until we run out of time, because we don’t know who might find our news attractive, and who is already happy without Jesus. People in rebellion against God aren’t honest with themselves anyway. Popular opinion polls reveal most people claiming to be “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their life. No wonder we Christians crawl into a hole and feel ashamed of our message. That is… IF we’ve been duped into believing the gospel is the news that Jesus will make you satisfied if you give Him a try. But if we know the REAL gospel is the same for everybody who has sinned, and thus applies equally to every human being upon whom our eyeballs happen to fall, then we Christians are much more likely to get momentum taking THAT message to the world.

Either the gospel IS the power of God unto salvation (Rom. 1:16), or it is NOT. If it is not, then forget about it! But if it is, like Paul says it is (Rom. 1:16), then a lowly tract with the gospel on it can mean the difference between Heaven and Hell, when someone finds one in their hands. Should we not then be willing to suffer any cost to deliver it? Even if it seems impossibly hard and scary for us to do? Should we not still do it anyway? Maybe now some Christians will sit up straight and stop yawning. Because what I’m here to tell you is that we have discovered some incredibly EASY ways to get these little gospel messages called tracts into the hands of the masses – AND that we can’t do it all alone! We need others who have faith in the gospel, to help us deliver it into the hands of the lost. Truly, as Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Pray to the Lord of the harvest, therefore, that He would send workers into His harvest.” I believe God is “sending” ALL of us Christians to deliver the gospel to the lost, but that some of us just don’t want to hear it. Will He then be able to tell us on that day, “Well done, good and faithful servant?” Can you feel the heartbeat of God calling you to play your part? Which will you be, a spectator or participant?