Thank you dear friend for visiting our website.

You must have received one of our gospel tracts. It is our hope that the message on this tract inspired you to commit your life to Christ, or to make a re-commitment to Christ.

The message of the Cross brings hope and freedom, a new meaning in life and a complete change in our hearts and a new relationship with God. That gap between us and God has been bridged by Jesus death, burial and resurrection and we can now cross over. The bible tells us we are a new creature old things are passed away and all things become new.

You may be asking yourself  “OK, what do I do next?”  You first need to begin reading your bible (if you don’t have a bible use our free app) and pray and begin your new walk with Christ. Also, finding a good bible believing church is very important and will also help you grow as you meet with other Christians. Follow the links above for more information on many other questions you may have, or simply contact us. We are glad to help. Please watch the video below.

Crossing The Bridge

Please tell us what happened and we will send you a free e-book about how Christ has changed other people’s lives.

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